Best shipping worldwide

Our shipping is worldwide. However, some products can be restricted by their destination and be submitted in accordance with the regulation of the receiving country.

When you order in our store,we estimate a date of shipment based on available stocks, options of selected items and of course, the delivery service you have chosen (to determine a longer or shorter delivery) .

In case of problems with your order, we will contact you by email to find a solution, which will make you satified at best and as far as possible.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping via Korea Post Economy Shipping Service that provides 10 to 30 days (excluding weekends and holidays) for good delivery.

Return Policy

You can return a parcel if it does not contain product already used by you. Upon receipt of your package within Newtle offices, we offer a total or partial refund or a coupon code in the amount of your package to spend on Newtle. We accept returns within a period of 30 days after receipt of it at home. However we can not refund the shipping costs that you must pay for shipping to Korea unless the reason for the return is our fault (the only valid reason is a wrong product).

If your package is returned with reason to "refused", "unclaimed" or "mailbox not found" and want a forwarding your package, the delivery charges will be this time at your expense.

Refund Policy

We have 45 days to refund a parcel once the request sent and confirmed by us. In case of error from you, such as a wrong address, we will not offer a refund of your package. Your package will be lost or return to our offices. Then we will offer a forwarding at your expense with a change of address. We will send an invoice to pay $5 for the new normal shipment or $25 for the new EMS shipment.