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Steadily building their profile and popularity over the past two years on the strength of their vocal talents and distinct style, Mamamoo now drops their first full album Melting.The album features 12 tracks including the previously revealed I Miss You, “Taller Than You,” “Home” and Girl Crush.

Track List:
01. 1cm의 자존심
02. 우리끼리 (Words Don`t Come Easy)
03. 넌 is 뭔들 (You’re The Best) *Title
04. 금요일밤 (Feat. 정기고)
06. Emotion
07. I Miss You
08. Funky Boy
09. 나만의 Recipe
10. 고양이 (Cat Fight)
11. Just
12. Girl Crush

Release date : 26th February 2016