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Topp Dogg expresses their mixed feelings towards the future in their first full-length album First Street. The title song “Rainy Day” is a hip-hop and R&B track about the yearning for a lover. The other title number Sunshine is a boom bap-based serenade crafted by producer Deez and composer Yeon Soo from his producing team SoulTriii. Members A-Tom and Yano participated in writing the lyrics for the future bass and hip-hop number Perfume, the new jack swing-style “What to Say,” the urban hip-hop jam Flower and the medium-tempo song Good Morning. Rearranged by Deez and SHINee’s Everybody composer Coach & Sendo, a glitch version of Emotion from the mini-album The Beat is also on the tracklist.

Track List:
01. Perfume
02. 비가 와서 그래 (Rainy day) *Title
03. Sunshine * Title
04. 뭐랄까나
05. Flower
06. Blind
07. Good morning
08. Emotion (Glitch mix)
09. 비가 와서 그래 (Inst.)
10. Sunshine (Inst.)